Bandcamp: Hundreds of Artists Help Launch ‘Bands Take A Stand’ to Combat Sexual Assault

Bands Take A Stand was created and launched in a single day—February 16th—by an anonymous group (“We want to keep the focus on what we’re doing, not who is doing it,” a representative wrote via email) bewildered by Front Porch Step’s return. The organization asked bands to donate their Bandcamp sales to A Voice For the Innocent, a non-profit dedicated to acting as a community of support for victims of rape and sexual abuse. Within that 24-hour time period, 320 bands signed up—everyone from the dynamic duo of PWR BTTM to smaller emo and pop-punk acts from around the country and Mexico. Bands Take A Stand asked those who signed up to donate for a single day. A month later and many acts are still voluntarily sending all proceeds to A Voice for the Innocent.


Clef magazine Featured Artist: Pop-Rock Duo Staircase Spirits debuts Single “Good Ex-Girlfriend!”

Staircase Spirits, an up and coming music duo, has released their single Good Ex-Girlfriend. The band is comprised of Mexican-American singer Anna Maria and drummer, Eva Friedman. Their new single is a part of their EP, War Stories, which will be released on May 5th. War Stories is a part of an EP trilogy that unpacks an abusive relationship from experiencing grief and anger to healing after the fact. You can check out Staircase Spirits’ new single Good Ex-Girlfriend here! You can also check out their bandcamp here! Lastly, check out their interview with Clef Mag below:

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