Circles & Soundwaves: Interview with Staircase Spirits


This spring, California pop-rock duo Staircase Spirits released their EP Ghost Stories, but that wasn’t their only release of the year. Ghost Stories was the first part of what will be a trilogy of EPs by vocalist / acoustic guitarist Anna Acosta and drummer Eva Friedman; War Stories was released this summer and they’ve recently announced that Love Stories  will be released on December 8th.

To go along with the release announcement, Staircase Spirits recently shared the first single from Love Stories, “California Winter.” Acosta tells us it’s “a love song where I didn’t want to say the word love”, and it’s a fitting introduction to what will be a chapter of acceptance and moving forward.

Read on for the interview, where Anna and I talked about “California Winter”, how Love Stories fits in to the trilogy of EPs, and more!

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